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LEAF interviews Stephanie Lederman, Executive Director of AFAR

"I would say that the science is now for this field" - I couldn't agree more


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Stephanie Lederman has been the Executive Director of the American Federation of Aging Research since 1992.

Interviewed at International Perspectives in Geroscience in September 2019.

Her interest has always been to help the public feel healthier, not only as they age.

AFAR's main activities are to inspire and fund young and inspiring investigators to work in the field of the biology of aging.

Has funded over $200 million.

Aging community has to do a better job of explaining what the breakthroughs have been.

We talk realistically about what there might be so that people will believe us that aging science is a credible science.

Very interested in proposals that are risky, because we get money from the private sector.

The best science gets funded - areas of research are different every year.

I think we need to reap the benefits of an older population.

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American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR)

Charitable organization with mission to provide funding for biomedical research on aging

Stephanie Lederman

Executive Director of American Federation for Aging Research

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