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LEAF interviews Edwina Rogers, CEO of the Global Healthspan Policy Institute

It's a different set of skills required to convince government decision makers to change policies


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Edwina Rogers has worked for four U.S. Presidents helping to shape national policy regarding healthcare.

Including adding prescription drugs to Medicare program for people who are 65 years old.

The main thing that you need to do is education of the decision makers.

Need to have policy statements, position papers, and explanatory documents tailored for them.

Not journal articles - much more in layman’s terms.

Some people in high positions, including physicians, still think aging is a natural process and can’t be changed.

We chose to use the word healthspan because politicians think longevity means increased cost of their retirement programs.

Has helped secure funding for TAME trial.

Main bottleneck for aging research would be the lack of funding.

Interview carried out at International Perspectives in Geroscience, conference in September 2019.

When treatments arrives there will be big pressure for it to be in the public good and open access.

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Edwina Rogers

CEO of the Global Healthspan Policy Institute

Global Healthspan Policy Institute

Washington, D.C. based thinktank dedicated to increasing the healthiest and most productive years of life

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