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LEAF interviews David Sinclair about NMN trials and epigenetics


Key points from article :

Academy for Health and Lifespan Research seeks to understand the fundamental causes of aging and how to combat it.

There is no law that says something's a disease and something is not - having a cut-off at 50% is arbitrary.

Leading contenders to define aging as a directly treatable condition are Australia, Singapore, and then the US and UK.

Some tissues have NMN transporters, some don’t.

It can even vary depending on where in the gut you’re talking about.

Recent work suggests that the process of reversing the clock doesn’t just change the apparent age of the body.

We found an apparently safe way to reprogram tissues, complex tissues.

There are at least two companies now expecting to start clinical trials within the next two years in humans.

Iduna (formed with Steve Horvath, Belmonte, and Manuel Serrano) has funding to start a clinical trial next year.

David's regime:

- started with resveratrol in 2003

- added to that NMN and some metformin

- I try not to eat too much

- I should exercise more

He's optimistic that human trials will convert the majority of people who are skeptical or unaware

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World's aging researchers unite to accelerate breakthroughs in longevity.


Harvard professor. Author of Lifespan.