Labiotech gathers feedback from European biotechs on Unity failure


Unity Biotechnology is a high-flyer in geroscience, backed by big investors such as Jeff Bezos.
Its lead candidate senolytic failed to reduce pain in patients with the age-related condition osteoarthritis in a Phase II trial.
Unclear whether it cleared senescent cells from arthritic joints or it did, but failed anyway.
“When everybody is confident ... and the frontrunner fails, it’s going to raise a question mark” - Daniel Ives, Shift Biosciences.
“Negative data is always difficult to interpret, especially in ... a relatively young field" - Tim Cash, Senolytx.
“People kind of expected [Unity’s] first drug, which wasn’t the best one in vitro, to potentially fail in vivo” - Peter de Keizer, Cleara Biotech.
“What you want to do is fail quickly and inexpensively” - Gregory Bailey, Juvenescence.
"It will be very, very difficult for everyone to find a small therapeutically meaningful spot without side effects" - Christoph Antz,, Velabs Therapeutics.

General feeling that failures are bound to happen - but that their approaches can succeed

Mentioned in this article:

Company Representative Christoph Antz - CEO of Velabs Therapeutics.

Company Cleara Biotech

Company Representative Daniel Ives - Founder and CEO of Shift Bioscience Limited.

Company Representative Gregory Bailey - CEO at Juvenescence and chairman of Portage Biotech, Inc.

Company Juvenescence - Developing therapies against different aging related diseases.

Academic Peter de Keizer

Company Senolytic Therapeutics (Senolytx) - Pharmaceutical company that develops a novel class of medicines by targeting damaged cells.

Company Shift Bioscience - Biotech company targeting the root causes of aging to extend healthy lifespan.

Company Representative Timothy (Tim) Cash - Chief Scientific Officer at Senolytic Therapeutics.

Publisher UNITY Biotechnology - Biotechnology company devoted to research of restoring human health.

Company Velabs Therapeutics - Fast generation of functional therapeutic antibodies.

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