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L-Nutra secures $47M investment to develop an innovative diet plan

Company's fasting mimicking technology could revolutionise ageing


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Longevity nutrition company L-Nutra raises $47m in Series D fundraising.

L-Nutra develops fasting mimicking technology that nourishes the body while keeping cells in a fasting mode, providing health benefits and enhancing cellular rejuvenation.

L-Nutra has conducted over 30 clinical trials and secured 200 worldwide patents, demonstrating the scientific rigor and efficacy of its technology.

Company's two pipelines, L-Nutra's ProLon and L-Nutra Health, focus on enhancing healthy aging and treating age-related diseases through nutrition as medicine.

L-Nutra CEO Dr Joseph Antoun says the investment reinforces trust in the company's science and mission to increase longevity and healthspan globally.

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Joseph Antoun

Chairman and CEO at L-Nutra Inc.


Company that develops and produces fasting-mimicking diet products.

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L-Nutra secures $47M investment to develop an innovative diet plan