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Intermittent fasting improves gut health to lower high blood pressure


Key points from article :

Disruption of the gut microbiota, known as gut dysbiosis, can have adverse effects on blood pressure.

To provide evidence connecting microbiota and blood pressure, the researchers set up two groups.

One group had SHRSP (spontaneously hypertensive stroke-prone) and normal rats that were fed every other day; control group had unrestricted food availability.

In the group that fasted every other day, the SHRSP rats had significantly reduced blood pressure.

“Germ-free rats that received microbiota from fasting SHRSP rats had significantly lower blood pressure,” - David J Durgan, corresponding author.

“Alterations in products of bile acid metabolism stood out as potential mediators of blood pressure regulation.”

“Supplementing cholic acid also significantly reduced blood pressure in the SHRSP model.”

“Fasting schedules could one day help regulate gut microbial populations to naturally provide health benefits.”

Study by Baylor College of Medicine published in Circulation Research.

Correcting gut dysbiosis alters bile acid levels & may help manage hypertension in rats

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