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In the UK, 87% of grapes and oranges contain harmful pesticide cocktails


Key points from article :

Each year, the government tests samples of groceries for chemicals to see if traces can be found in Britain’s food.

Pesticide Action Network (PAN) found 122 different pesticides in the 12 most polluted products, the “dirty dozen”.

Almost all grapes and oranges contain a cocktail of pesticides.

Many of these are hazardous to human health; 61% are classified as highly hazardous pesticides (HHPs).

Includes 47 pesticides with links to cancer, 15 reproductive or developmental toxins, and 17 can impair the respiratory system.

A quarter of the pesticides found to interfere with hormone systems, causing birth defects and developmental disorders.

Although levels of individual pesticides are within legal limits, combination of multiple chemicals could damage people’s health.

Many modern pesticides are absorbed into the plant and therefore washing the surface won’t remove them.

A national action plan aims to minimize the impacts of pesticides and increase the uptake of safer alternatives.

Modern pesticides get inside plants so it's hard to avoid this chemical cocktail