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Human trial results of blood plasma exchange for Alzheimer's


Key points from article :

The first results of the Grifol’s AMBAR trial were released on May 2020.

AMBAR stands for Alzheimer’s Modulation By Albumin Replacement.

Pro-inflammatory signals (cytokines) in the blood were among the elements diluted by AMBAR.

A larger-scale phase 2.5 trial, with 496 subjects from Spain, USA, treated for 14 months.

Single treatment removes 2.5- 3 litres of blood (>half the body’s inventory), replaced with albumin.

Evaluated based on cognitive ability and the other of ability to function independently.

Most subjects got worse over the year, as Alzheimer's is a progressive disease.

But treated subjects progressed less than half as fast as sham-treated controls.

As a treatment for Alzheimer's, these results are not impressive.

Bredesen’s RECODE program works better the earlier you start it.

Whereas preliminary results suggests that AMBAR is more effective in late stages.

Reduction in inflammation fully accounts for the AMBAR program’s successes.

Benefits were seen, but overall results are not impressive

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