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HPV vaccines reduce cases of precancerous growths in cervix

This might wipe out cervical cancer in the next couple of decades


Key points from article :

Review of scientific evidence suggests that HPV vaccination will eliminate cervical cancer in future.

HPV is a common group of viruses with more than 100 types.

Vaccinated against HPV 16, 18 that cause cervical cancers and HPV 6, 11 that cause genital warts.

Rates of HPV infection, precancerous growths and genital warts significantly reduced.

65 studies covering 60 million people in high income countries were analysed.

Review by Laval University in Canada, published in the Lancet.

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Laval University

Public Research university.

Marc Brisson

Associate Professor at University Laval.

The Lancet

Medical journal covering general medicine

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