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Highly specific and effective anti-cancer custom nanoparticle


Key points from article :

Researchers delivered nanoparticles to the cancer cells of mice through an IV.

"This delivery method gives you temporal and spatial specificity."

Able to deliver miRNA to a specific area of tissue at a specific time by light exposure.

This reduces side effects and can increase the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

Skin tumors in about 20 mice were given the miRNA coupled nanoparticle and exposed to light.

The tumors completely regressed within 24 to 48 hours and did not regrow.

The miRNA they are using can regulate a broad set of genes.

And can particularly powerful to treat a heterogenous disease.

Means the overall effectiveness of killing a cancer cell is higher.

This is because the treatment is attacking multiple points in that cell.

May also lead to a decrease of a cancer cell's ability to become resistant to the treatment.

Researchers from Penn State, published in Biomaterials.

Able to regress tumor in mice within one to two days, and prevent regrowth

Mentioned in this article:


Professor of molecular toxicology and carcinogenesis


Associate professor of Biomedical Engineering, Penn State


Public Research university.


Biomedical engineering graduate student in the Hayes Laboratory