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Google's parent company launched Isomorphic Labs to discover new drugs using AI

Building from Deepmind's AI research, Isomorphic promises medical breakthroughs


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The field of drug discovery has been supercharged by the capabilities of AI.

Alphabet has established Isomorphic Labs, under DeepMind head Demis Hassabis, to take its shot at the promising new field.

To build a computational platform to understand biological systems from first principles to discover new ways to treat disease.

AI systems are not miracle factories, just parts in a long and complex process.

“Just as mathematics turned out to be the right description language for physics, biology may turn out to be the perfect type of regime for the application of AI,” - Hassabis.

The idea that information systems and biological systems may have a common structure is the inspiration for the name.

Even with the running start provided by DeepMind’s AI research, Isomorphic is essentially starting from scratch.

It’s hiring up a world-class multidisciplinary team and perhaps in a year or two we may see the first inklings of results.

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Company developing AI systems for solving problems.

Demis Hassabis

Artificial intelligence researcher, neuroscientist, founder and CEO of DeepMind.

Isomorphic Labs

Discovering new drugs with AI-first approach

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