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Fountain Life provides a unique health screening and diagnostic approach

Detecting disease at the earliest stages and reversing it, instead of treating a chronic disease


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Fountain Life’s mission is to provide predictive, preventative and personalized treatments.

With three clinics in the United States and a health insurance firm, it sights set on global expansion.

William Kapp, co-founder and CEO, shares insights on the new approach of Fountain Life.

Our goal is to detect disease early, using the latest technology, while it’s still asymptomatic.

Technologies such as whole-body MRI scan with AI, cardiac scan with AI, advanced genetic algorithms and genomic sequencing determine the presence of cancer.

We’ve scanned around 4,000 people - 2% have cancer, 2% have aneurysms, and 14% have some form of fatty liver disease/high liver iron.

40% to 50% of our population are found to be prediabetic and most of them think they’re pretty healthy.

Precision Diagnostics option, a comprehensive early detection analysis, comes at $11,700.

For $19,500 per year, the “APEX” concierge option includes unlimited access to a health team to optimise your health.

Claims there is a significant cost benefit to its personalised and preventive approach to health.

The health insurance company, Fountain Health, allows to democratise access to this cutting-edge technology.

Goal is to build a very large database to develop insights into your health on a proactive basis.

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Fountain Life

Platform for predictive, preventative and personalized treatments

William Kapp

Orthopedic surgeon and CEO at Fountain Life

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Fountain Life provides a unique health screening and diagnostic approach