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Flavonoid found in redcurrants reduces senescence in brain cells


Key points from article :

Plant flavonoid naringenin may be useful in targeting problematic senescent cells in the brain.

Ribes meyeri (also known as Ribes meyeri maxim) is a native plant to central Asia.

It is part of the Saxifragaceae family and appears similar to the blackcurrant.

Plant leaves and roots are a rich source of flavonoids, some of which have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects.

Naringenin was first isolated from R.meyeri in 1995.

The flavonoid is also present in redcurrants, blackcurrant and other soft fruits.

Effect on mice neural stem cell (NSC) senescence studied in vivo and in vitro.

NSC proliferation accelerated, and NSCs had decreased senescence markers, and reduced P16ink4a expression.

Improved spatial memory and cognitive abilities in aging mice through downregulation of plasma TNF-a protein.

Research by Tongji University School of Medicine published in Aging.

Mice study also saw improved cognitive abilities

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