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Five-day fast plan increased anti-ageing biomarkers in normal weight humans


Key points from article :

A clinical trial in which 45 normal-weight Chinese individuals fasted for 5 days.

They were permitted water with salt and mineral supplements.

Safety measures showed that fasting was well-tolerated.

Uric acid levels increased - fasting may not be appropriate for gout patients or those with impaired kidney function.

Participants lost 4.6 kg and 9.9 cm of waist circumference.

Systolic and diastolic blood pressures were reduced by 10 and 20 mmHg, respectively.

Insulin levels were reduced by 64% and IGF-1 by 27%.

T3 hormone (negatively associated with longevity) decreased by over half.

Treg cells, which reduce inflammation, were increased throughout fasting.

The anti-aging ketone body, ß-hydroxybutyrate, increased by 51-fold and returned to normal by day 8.

Beyond self-control and determination, it also requires special attention to electrolyte maintenance and a re-feeding strategy.

Study by Lijun Jia, Shanghai University published in Clinical and Translational Medicine.

Water only fasting showed beneficial effects at all ages, but clinical guidance is necessary

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