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A step towards understanding the molecular mechanism of ageing


Key points from article :

Studies have revealed a set of genetic factors involved in ageing in both humans and mice.

Age-related genetic and epigenetic changes in various tissues of male mice of different ages were studied and compared with humans.

Many of these genes (affected by ageing) in these different tissues were involved in the same processes.

Some transcription factors (Tf) acted as common regulators of the molecular changes associated with ageing.

Human gene expression data was used to validate the same relationship in humans.

Many of these Tf were found to have age-dependent expression in humans.

Variation in some of these genes was associated with differences in longevity.

However, results must be treated with caution and may not imply causality.

Research by EPFL published in Cell Report.

A core set of genetic regulators involved in ageing have been found

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