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FDA grants approval for Neuralink to proceed with human trials


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Neuralink, Elon Musk's brain-chip firm, has announced FDA approval to begin human trials for their innovative technology.

The company aims to help restore vision and mobility in individuals by facilitating a connection between their brains and computers.

Despite receiving approval, Neuralink has yet to announce a timeline for participant recruitment for the trials.

Previously, Neuralink's application for FDA approval was rejected due to safety concerns.

Neuralink's technology, which has been tested in monkeys, involves microchips that interpret brain signals and convey this information to devices via Bluetooth.

The company hopes that their microchips will eventually treat conditions such as paralysis and blindness and aid disabled individuals in using computers and mobile technology.

Musk has suggested that the technology could also help alleviate fears of humans being outcompeted by AI.

The company emphasises safety, accessibility, and reliability during its engineering process.

This announcement comes in the wake of previous setbacks, including overestimations of development timelines and allegations of animal welfare violations in its research.

Neuralink's implants will still require extensive testing to overcome technical and ethical issues

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Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Ensuring safety of drugs, medical supplies and food which is used daily.


Company developing high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and machines.

FDA grants approval for Neuralink to proceed with human trials