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FDA approved surgical robot to assist in transvaginal hysterectomies


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Memic won FDA authorization to introduce the first robotic surgical system that utilizes humanoid-shaped arms.

Hominis robot-assisted surgical platform for transvaginal benign surgical procedures, including benign hysterectomies.

Capability to maneuver surgical tools with 360 degrees of articulation and multi-planar flexibility.

Human level dexterity is maintained to the distal end.

Each of the instruments mimics the human arm, with a shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints that can move together to access targets.

Particularly important for hysterectomies transvaginally due to challenging patient anatomies.

“Optimal clinical benefits to patients including reduced pain, recovery time and rates of infection," - Jan Baekelandt, gynecologist.

Small and flexible to perform surgery through a small incision.

“...cost-effective and less invasive option over current robotic instruments” - Dvir Cohen, CEO of Memic.

Other plans include offering AI-powered features to provide greater capabilities for the robot.

Minimally invasive and effective surgical option with humanoid robotic arms

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