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Experimental national estimates of life expectancy and mortality based on ethnicity


Key points from article :

Study linked 2011 census to produce estimates of life expectancy and cause of death by ethnic group.

White and mixed ethnic women had a life expectancy of 83.1 years while black African women had 88.9.

White and mixed ethnic men had life expectancies of 79.7 and 79.3 years respectively.

While Asian, but not Indian or Bangladeshi or Chinese - was 84.5, and for Black African men 83.8.

Key reason for higher life expectancy among ethnic minorities is the so-called “healthy migrant effect”.

Migrants tend to be healthier, with lower levels of smoking, alcohol consumption and other risk factors.

Effect wanes over time as the following generations generally assume similar lifestyles to native populations.

Mortality driven by heart disease is significantly higher Asian ethnicity.

There are significantly higher rates of cancer in white people compared with Black and Asian ethnic groups.

The data showed the disproportionate impact of Covid on minority ethnic groups.

“This is about reducing health inequalities overall and in specific groups as indicated" says Dr Veena Raleigh, King’s Fund thinktank.

Article published in Office for National Statistics.

Compared to blacks and Asians, whites and mixed groups had lower life expectancy

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