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Exercise could boost immune cells to help fight cancers


Key points from article :

Exercise might prevent some types of cancer from growing and spreading.

Results are based on mice models, but preliminary tests in humans also suggest the same.

Exercise is linked to a lower risk of bladder, breast, colon, kidney and stomach cancer.

Cancerous mice that regularly exercised showed slower cancer growth and better rates of survival than the ones who didn't.

Elevated levels of metabolites after exercise, like lactate, could 'feed' T cells to improve their effectiveness against tumours.

Results were also tested in 8 healthy male participants which showed similar results.

"..this may contribute to a deeper understanding of how our lifestyle impacts our immune system and inform the development of new immunotherapies against cancer," says Rundqvist.

Study by Karolinska Institutet published in eLife.

Metabolites produced during exercise activate cancer-fighting T cells in mouse models

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