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Ethics report shows equal respect helps prepare for health emergencies


Key points from article :

Recently released "Research in global health emergencies: ethical issues" report.

Helps to identify how to conduct research ethically in difficult and distressing circumstances.

Calls for action included investment in community engagement, partnerships between researchers and those responsible for emergency response, equitable collaborations, and emergency planning.

COVID-19 is a prime example of Disease X.

New health threats can at any time develop into emergencies.

Speedy genetic sequencing of the virus has permitted accurate diagnosis.

Ethics and ethics oversight are absolutely not a barrier to effective research.

Helping reduce suffering provides the primary justification for research to take place at all.

Equal respect supports the welfare of front-line research and healthcare workers.

Emergencies are, to a degree, predictable.

Political will to act before it is too late is often lacking.

Lack of basic health services can hinder effective response to emerging threats.

As is often the case, it's politicians who need to act before the spotlight is on them

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