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Emil Kendziorra explains why he set up the European Biostasis Foundation

I'm not sure survivable cryonics is an easier problem than ageing, but good to have a plan B


Key points from article :

Dying at 85 is and always was as unacceptable as dying at a younger age.

Goal was to increase maximum life span while maintaining a high quality of life.

Assesses progress in longevity - thinks hidden complexities will prevent meaningful life extension in the short-term.

Though hopes that in 10 or 20 years he will have to admit to being overly pessimistic!

Biostasis is the concept of preserving the human body without the loss of information.

Stops all biological degradation processes and enables the possibility of resuscitation in the future.

Believes the degree of complexity is likely smaller - possibly by orders of magnitude.

Plans to dedicate the next 20 (or more) years to this field.

Four main areas:

- non-profit research

- operative biostasis service provider

- outreach/communication/advocacy

- asset management and governance

Already co-founded a non-profit research foundation in Switzerland - European Biostasis Foundation (EBF).

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EBF - European Biostasis Foundation

Dedicated to research in the areas of biostasis, cryobiology and biopreservation

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