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Electronic skin that can react to pain, temperature & pressure


Key points from article :

An electronic artificial skin can react to pain and other stimuli just like real skin.

Mimics the body’s near-instant feedback response & can react to painful sensations with lighting speed.

“Critical step in the development of feedback systems to deliver truly smart prosthetics and intelligent robotics.” - Prof Bhaskaran, lead researcher.

Devices used stretchable electronics, temperature sensing sensors and electronic memory cells.

Apart from pain, can also sense and respond to changes in temperature and pressure.

"Our artificial skin knows the difference between gently touching a pin with your finger or accidentally stabbing yourself with it – a critical distinction that has never been achieved before electronically.” - Dr. Rahman, PhD.

Stretchable artificial skin may be a future option for non-invasive skin grafts.

Research by RMIT University published in Advanced Intelligent Systems.

Step forward towards better prosthetics, intelligent robotics and skin grafts

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Engineer and Professor at RMIT University


Research fellow and PhD at RMIT University


Australian Institute of technology.