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Eating too many fruits may not be a healthy diet choice


Key points from article :

Plant-based diets have become increasingly popular in recent years, both for health and ethical reasons.

May reduce the risk of heart disease by 40% and stroke by 29%.

Fruitarianism is a diet based largely on the consumption of raw fruit.

Some fruitarians eat grains, while others also eat nuts and oils.

It is one of the most restrictive diet choices and has almost no evidence to support health benefits.

A diet that solely relies on fruits will be deficient in nutrients (protein, iron, calcium, vitamin B and D, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids).

Deficiency in these nutrients can cause rickets and osteomalacia, anaemia and issues with bones, muscles and skin.

Restrictive diets are often associated with eating disorder, or unhealthy obsession with eating pure food only.

Can lead to an eating disorder, depression and anxiety.

Supplementation with foods that provide the missing nutrients may help.

Incorporating fruit and vegetables as part of a balanced diet is a far safer, healthier approach.

Fruit-only diet can lead to mineral & vitamin deficiencies, and so a balanced nutrition is preferable