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Disrupted sleep linked to greater risk of death in women


Key points from article :

Research examined the impact of unconscious wakefulness on a person’s risk of dying from heart disease or any cause.

Arousal burden is a normal part of sleep, but when accounts for a larger proportion of sleep it can become a problem.

Common triggers can be obstructive sleep apnea or noise.

Researchers examined sleep data from more than 8,000 men and women.

Participants, aged 64 to 83, were followed up for 6-11 years.

People with higher rates of arousal burden had a higher risk of death.

Women with an arousal burden of 6.5% or more of their night’s sleep had a 12.8% increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

Risk of dying from any cause was increased to 31.5% among women.

There was an increased risk for men but it was to a lesser extent.

“People will feel exhausted and tired in the morning because of their sleep fragmentation but will not be aware of the individual arousals," - Dominik Linz, co-lead researcher.

Study by the University of Adelaide published in the European Heart Journal.

Unconscious wakefulness during sleep increases risk of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality

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Cardiologist and Beacon Research fellow at University of Adelaide


Scientific Journal providing information about cardiovascular diesases.


Public university based in Adelaide, South Australia