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Dimension Inx's CMFlex 3D printing brings a new way to repair bones


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Dimension Inx, a Chicago-based bio-fabrication firm, has successfully used its FDA-approved 3D printed bone graft, CMFlex, in two surgical procedures.

CMFlex's unique architecture, encompassing macro, micro, and nano-level features, promotes bone regeneration, making it ideal for oral and maxillofacial surgeries.

Surgeons can customise CMFlex's size to fit each patient's needs, and its fluid-absorbing properties aid in bleeding control and bone remodelling.

Dr. Derek Steinbacher and Dr. Brian Farrell performed the first two surgeries, highlighting CMFlex's ease of handling and contouring.

CMFlex represents a breakthrough in medical 3D printing, demonstrating the potential of combining novel biomaterial design and 3D printing technologies.

With a broader release expected in 2024, CMFlex is poised to revolutionise bone grafting procedures and enhance patient outcomes.

Structure promotes bone healing in oral and maxillofacial surgeries

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Dimension Inx's CMFlex 3D printing brings a new way to repair bones