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Dark chocolate, coffee and wine can keep your heart healthy


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One of the most frequently asked heart health research question: are wine, chocolate and coffee good or bad for you?

"...depends on how often and how much is consumed, as well as by whom," - Thomas Lüscher, consultant cardiologist at the Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals.

Wine is truly a joy but at best neutral when consumed in moderation.

Chocolate is a joy for our cardiovascular system, if consumed in dark, bitter form.

Coffee at that dose of up to four cups a day might even be protective.

The optimal dose of dark, bitter chocolate is not properly investigated.

The most beneficial ingredient of chocolate were flavanols, which can boost heart function and reduce inflammation.

“A healthy lifestyle is what really matters rather than how much coffee, chocolate or alcohol you consume," - Tracy Parker, dietician at BHF.

Study published in European Heart Journal.

A leading cardiologist, Thomas Lüscher, explains moderation is the key

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Scientific Journal providing information about cardiovascular diesases.

Health Professional

Consultant cardiologist and director of research, education and development at Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals

Health Professional

Heart Health Dietitian at the British Heart Foundation