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Considerable reduction in London's air pollution since 2016


Key points from article :

London's air pollution has plunged with 94% reduction in the no. of people living in areas with illegal levels of NO2.

Levels of NO2 fell by 44% between early 2017 and early 2020.

Reductions in levels are dramatic & show that air pollution crisis is not intractable.

More than 9,000 died due to dirty air in 2015 & about 2M in the capital lived with polluted air in 2016.

But this fell to 119,000 in 2019.

The report doesn't include falls in pollution seen after Covid-19 lockdown.

Dirty vehicles have been deterred from entering the city centre.

Putting low-emission buses on the dirtiest routes, ending licensing of new diesel taxis & promoting cycling have contributed.

“I’m pleased that Londoners are breathing cleaner air and that we’re saving the NHS billions of pounds.”- Sadiq Khan, Mayor.

But 99% of London has particle pollution levels above WHO's limit.

Report by Mayor of London and Kings College London.

Shows that air pollution is not irreversible & can be reduced by taking the right steps

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King's College London

Public research university

Sadiq Khan

British politician who has served as the Mayor of London since 2016