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Clearing out aged cells with senolytics can relieve jaw pain


Key points from article :

Killing off aged cells might be the secret to healing jaw pain.

Joint deterioration seems related to old, damaged cells that refuse to die.

Treating mice with a combination of two senolytics (dasatinib and quercetin) removed senescent cells in the jaw joints of old mice.

Dasatinib removes senescent cells from cartilage and bones; Quercetin goes after senescent cells in blood vessels and skin.

Gave this combination to 24-month-old mice (equivalent to 70 to 80-year-old humans) thrice every 2 weeks for six weeks.

After the treatment, cells in the jaw joints looked more like the cells of 4-month-old mice (~15 to 20-year-old humans).

Cartilage was thicker and the bone smoother, making the joints look like those of much younger animals.

Rigorous large-scale clinical trials must be done before the drugs can be safely used.

“We are trying to slow down the whole aging process, to make 80-year-old people look like 50-year-olds,” - Ming Xu, corresponding author.

Study by UConn published in Aging Cell.

Senolytics for cartilage and bone regeneration in jaw joints, proven effective in mice

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Aging Cell

Scientific Journal devoted to age related diseases.

Ming Xu

Assistant Professor of Genetics and Genome Sciences at UConn Center on Aging

University of Connecticut (UConn)

Public research university.