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CD38 inhibitor increases lifespan and fitness in male mice

New anti-ageing approach to ramp up NAD levels and life extension


Key points from article :

Scientists significantly extended lifespan in male mice by inhibiting the enzyme CD38.

Researchers inhibited CD38 with the molecule 78c and followed one-year-old naturally aging mice until death.

78c was fed to young mice, which significantly boosted NAD levels.

Treatment resulted in a 9% extension in maximum lifespan.

In males, a 14% increase in maximum lifespan and a 17% increase in median lifespan were recorded.

No statistically significant survival benefit in females.

Hypothesized that CD38 deficiency causes non-fatal deleterious conditions in female mice.

At the age of two years (~ 60 human years), and 50 weeks after the treatment, rate of age-related fitness loss was much slower.

78c improves lifespan not via any evident anti-cancer effect.

Combination of 78c and an anti-cancer drug can lead to an even greater increase in lifespan.

An alternative way to boost NAD levels in aging organisms.

Research by Mayo Clinic, led by Eduardo Chini, published in Aging Cell.

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Aging Cell

Scientific Journal devoted to age related diseases.

Eduardo Chini

Professor of Pharmacology and Anaesthesiology at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

Mayo Clinic

Non-profit American academic medical center focused on health care, education, and research

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