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Cancer death rates in US record major drop, according to latest health report


Key points from article :

During 2014-2018, death rates dropped for 11 of 19 most common cancers among men and 14 of the 20 cancers among women.

Accelerating declines in death rates for lung cancer and melanoma in recent years.

New targeted and immune inhibitors were approved by the FDA in 2011, one year before major declines in death rates.

"The findings underscore which forms of cancer may need more attention from scientists and funding organizations," - Farhad Islami, lead author of the report.

Prostate, colorectal, or female breast cancers, have seen progress stalled or stopped.

Breast cancer continues to be one of the three deadliest cancers for women of all races, most frequently fatal for Hispanic women.

Overall, cancer is more common among Whites than Blacks, but Black people die from cancer at higher rates.

"Cancers related to excess body weight have increased," - Islami.

"Early and consistent access to screenings has also been critical," - Islami.

Report released by American Cancer Society, NCI, and CDC.

Improved survival rates for lung and skin cancer, thanks to new FDA approved therapies

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