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Calico-Terray Therapeutics collaborate to discover and advance therapeutics for diseases of aging


Key points from article :

Calico’s deep expertise in target biology with Terray’s proprietary drug discovery and development platform collaborate.

Will work to identify novel therapeutics for patients affected by serious diseases of aging, including cancer.

  • 1. Terray and Calico will identify small molecule leads against a set of targets nominated by Calico using the Terray tNova platform,
  • 2. Development and commercialization to be done by Calico. 

Chemical datasets generated using Terray’s novel ultra-dense microarray technology are analyzed.

Then they systemically map biochemical interactions between small molecules and disease targets. 

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Calico and look forward ... to identify modulators of previously intractable disease targets,” said Jacob Berlin, CEO of Terray.

“Terray’s platform offers a new opportunity to assess the biochemical dynamics between disease targets and small molecules at a very large scale,” said Jonathan W. Lewis, CEO at Calico. 

Terray’s novel microarray technology, combines wet lab and computer-driven drug development

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Jacob Berlin

CEO at Terray Therapeutics

Jonathan Lewis

CEO at Calico Life Sciences

Terray Therapeutics

Biotechnology company accelerating AI-driven drug discovery