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Brinter raises €1.2M fund for producing human spare parts and customised drugs

Printing brains and transplantable organs to save and improve lives


Key points from article :

Brinter announced the successful closure of a €1.2m seed funding round led by early-stage VC Innovestor.

To further expand its operations internationally with the aim of putting bioprinting within reach.

Aims to remove technology as a limitation to improving our quality of life.

Seeks to save more lives through personalised treatment and the production of spare parts such as hearts and kidneys.

“ rapidly unlock the opportunities behind long-running but unrealized science and research,” - Tomi Kalpio, CEO of Brinter.

“...revolutionizing the future of medicine where a customized heart or kidney can be made for a transplant patient,” - Wilhelm Lindholm, CEO of Innovestor.

"Combined with stem cells and biomaterials, 3D-bioprinting will soon provide us with fine-tuned human mini-brains and brain prosthetics,” - Jari Koistinaho, Professor of Neuropharmacology at the University of Helsinki.

Customisable, patient-specific drugs and tailor a drug tablet to impact drug loading, release rate and taste.

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3D bioprinting company based in Turku


Early-stage venture capital investor for startups, investors, and partners

Jari Koistinaho

Director of Neuroscience Center at University of Helsinki and Professor of Regenerative Medicine at University of Eastern Finland

Tomi Kalpio

CEO and Co-founder of Brinter

Wilhelm Lindholm

CEO, Board Member and Partner at Innovestor Group

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