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Breathable, washable, and water proof E-textiles for Health monitoring


Key points from article :

A technique to create smart garments that can harvest electrical power.

From nearby Wi-Fi networks and radio waves through magnetic resonance coupling.

Power can be used to energize on-board electrical systems, including body monitors.

Fabrics are water repellent, breathable, and fully machine washable.

Latest technology blurs the line between wearable health monitors and regular clothing.

Researchers behind it envisage a day when we all wear ‘smart garments’.

Technology involves sewing omniphobic silk-based coils, into fabrics.

Fabrics are sprayed with hydrophobic molecules to make them water repellent.

Coating does not make the clothing restrictive, and the garments retain flexibility and breathability.

Ramses Martinez Assistant Professor at Purdue University says

"... allowing machines to understand human intent without the need of other interfaces ..."

Research by Purdue University published in Nano Energy.

Low-cost manufacturing of reliable, battery-free, wireless e-textiles

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