Blood test for detecting Alzheimer's before symptoms appear


A blood test could spot Alzheimer's disease at the earliest stage pre-symptoms.
The test looks for tiny amounts of a protein which is elevated in people with the illness.
Measuring the protein, p-tau217, could predict Alzheimer's dementia with 96% accuracy.
Though clinical trials still far, it will now be available for research purposes.
US team observed p-tau217 elevated levels in as little as 4mL of blood.
They have shown it could be detected in brain and spinal cord fluid pre-symptoms.
Another research found Alzheimer's patients had about 7 times of this protein as without Alzheimer's.
It could also distinguish them from people with other degenerative brain conditions.
Separate research from Washington University School of Medicine and Lund University.

Experts found a protein indicating the disease, providing early treatment in the future

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