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Blood factor created by exercise can be transfused to sedentary mice for same mental benefits


Key points from article :

Divergence of young blood approaches to rejuvenation:

1. removing "bad" factors from old blood is more important - the Conboys are developing a therapy to “scrub” pro-aging factors from aged blood.

2. adding "good" factors from young blood - Alkahest and Elevian are searching for this secret sauce.

New study demonstrates that a particular factor in the blood of aged mice that exercise regularly can convey the beneficial effects of exercise on neurogenesis and cognition in the brains of aged mice.

Researchers took blood from active old mice and transfused it to old sedentary mice.

Recipient mice became almost as good at learning and memory tests as active mice.

They also grew around twice as many new neurons in the hippocampus.

Blood factor identified as enzyme glycosylphosphatidylinositol specific phospholipase D1 (Gpld1) which is created in the liver.

Gpld1 levels active elderly people also found to be significantly higher.

Researcher by University of California, San Francisco published in Science.

Another point for the "good" factors argument, though removing "bad" factors likely to be important too

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