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Biocompatible implants from health monitoring to payments

In future: no keys, no wallet, just an implant under the skin


Key points from article :

Effectiveness of injectable implants in monitoring body temperature.

The results are a glimpse into a future.

The problem with wearable tech like Fitbits and Apple watches are, removing them during device charging and bathing .

Hannes Sjoblad cofounder and managing director of DSRuptive says that

"Implants are in and it stays there, and digital sensor platform that can sit there for twenty years..."

He have two implants on his body, they are temperature sensor and an identification device.

Implants are more precise than measuring things like your body temperature manually.

A small glass capsule (biocompatible implant) is inserted under the skin.

It has small amount of pain during insertion.

Information from the sensor is collected by an app.

Useful for fertility testing and monitoring pandemics.

To access an implant, take a smartphone and touch it.

A newsletter released by DSRuptive researchers.

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Research and fabricate implantable technology for the human body

Hannes Sjoblad (aka Sapiens)

Thought leader and speaker biohacking on human augmentation, Managing Director at Dsruptive Subdermals

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