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BioAge's anti-ageing drug to treat Covid-19 enters phase 2 trial

Reverses immune ageing and can prevent death from coronavirus infection in the elderly


Key points from article :

BioAge Labs announced the initiation of another Phase 2 trial targeting COVID-19.

Identified prostaglandin D2 DP1 pathway as a key target for immune aging.

Study will evaluate the efficacy and safety of BGE-175 to treat COVID-19 in patients aged 60 or older.

Counteracts immunosenescence and improves both adaptive and innate immunity.

“BGE-175 could allow older patients to more effectively fight off COVID-19,” - Kristen Fortney, CEO of BioAge.

“Almost completely protects older mice against lethality from COVID-19," - Fortney.

“Because some variants of SARS-CoV-2 are vaccine-resistant, it is important to develop COVID-19 treatments like BGE-175,” - Stanley Perlman, professor at the University of Iowa.

“ boost immune cell function while preventing dangerous overreaction,”- Paul Rubin, Chief Medical Officer.

Will also measure BGE-175’s effect on levels of inflammatory markers.

Previous clinical trials demonstrated it to be safe and well-tolerated in more than 2,400 study participants.

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Kristen Fortney

Chief Executive Officer and co-founder at BioAge

Paul Rubin

Chief Medical Officer at Bioage Labs and Pharma and biotech Consultant at Rubin Pharma

Stanley Perlman

Professor of microbiology and immunology, pediatrics, and the Mark Stinski Chair in Virology at the University of Iowa

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