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Bill Maris brings new people for his new venture-section 32


Key points from article :

Section 32 is one of the newer bio investment funds on the block founded by the first CEO of Google Ventures, Bill Maris.

Hired six new people for his bio and technology fund.

Section 32 has invested in about 40 companies.

Fund is also looking at machine learning, cybersecurity, oncology, infectious diseases, diagnostics and brain health.

“If your goal is to reduce suffering and help people live better lives, that’s an area worth looking at” - Maris.

He started Calico to “put a stake in the ground to say this stuff is important and worth investing in, because we’re all going to be patients at some point”.

Maris said Section 32 isn’t changing its investment strategy.

For instance, the firm won’t be flocking to telemedicine just because it’s gaining more momentum.

“Silicon Valley has done a great job inventing new things and distributing technology. They haven’t done a good job distributing other things that matter” - Bill Maris.

Calico creator is now investing on frontier technology, healthcare & lifescience

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Bill Maris

Entrepreneur and founder of Section 32


Combating aging and associated diseases. An Alphabet (Google) subsidiary.

Section 32

venture capital firm investing at the frontiers of technology, healthcare and the life sciences.