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Being wealthy at midlife may give you a longer and healthier life


Key points from article :

Researchers discovered those with greater wealth at midlife tended to live longer.

Used data from the Midlife in the United States (MIDUS) project, a longitudinal study on aging, to analyze the association between net worth and longevity.

In the full sample of 5,400 adults, higher net worth was associated with lower mortality risk.

Discovered a similar association for the sibling or twin with more wealth to live longer than their co-sibling/twin.

Suggests the wealth-longevity connection may be causal, and isn’t simply a reflection of heritable traits or early experiences.

Even within the sub-group of healthy individuals, the within-family association between wealth and longevity remained.

“Building wealth is important for health at the individual level," - Greg Miller, senior author.

“Policies that support and protect individuals’ ability to achieve financial security are needed,” - Miller.

Study by Northwestern University published in JAMA Health Forum.

Lifespan differences exist even between rich and poor siblings/twins

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Louis W. Menk Professor of Psychology and faculty fellow at the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University


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