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Battery-free, personalized wearables to track your health status

Device made to fit perfectly, facilitating continuous monitoring of physiological parameters


Key points from article :

3D-printed wearable devices that are custom made for each user.

Do not require adhesives to stay in place

They do not require a tethered wire or battery to receive power, and instead harvest power wirelessly from a power casting device.

Can monitor a variety of physiological parameters, including body temperature and muscle deformation during physical activity.

These devices fit like a glove and obtain sensitive readings.

“Because of the way we fabricate the device and attach it to the body, we’re able to gather data a traditional, wrist-mounted wearable device wouldn’t be able to collect,” - Tucker Stuart, co-researcher of the study.

Study by University of Arizona published in Science Advances.

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Science Advances

Journal that publishes original research and reviews in all disciplines of science

Tucker Stuart

PhD student in Biomedical Engineering at University of Arizona

University of Arizona

Public Research university.

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