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AI outperforms radiologists detecting early signs of prostate cancer in CT scans


Key points from article :

An AI system that can identify prostate cancer during routine CT scans and let clinicians initiate early treatment.

In Australia, where this technology was developed, prostate cancer is responsible for approximately 12% of male cancer deaths.

Prostate cancers often go unnoticed for years, which is unfortunate as early treatment is a significant factor in positive outcomes.

Researchers trained AI software using a dataset of scans of asymptomatic men with and without prostate cancer.

Identifying prostate cancer in a CT scan is typically tricky, even for highly trained human observers, but the AI system handled it well.

“We’ve trained our software to see what the human eye can’t,” said Ruwan Tennakoon, a researcher involved in the study.

So far, it is able to rapidly identify subtle signs of cancerous growth, and outperformed radiologists.

Research by RMIT University published in Scientific Reports.

Latest AI platform developed to improve diagnostic accuracy of prostate cancer

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