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AI firm Lapetus uses facial recognition for longevity studies


Key points from article :

Lapetus extending focus from life insurance to longevity risk, life expectancy.

The AI firm now targets the face as a biomarker of ageing.

One simple picture can open-up a host of opportunities and implications.

"There are these indicators on the face that present themselves for long-lived individuals."

"Senescing rate’, term introduced, is the rate at which you’re ageing.

This feature is to be released next year for facial analysis product, Janus.

Can provide in 60 seconds the information about senescing rate, demographic data, BMI, smoking status.

Also adding other elements such as 'Generian panel" or saliva-based genetic test.

To blend all elements for a detailed picture of one's life expectancy and chronic disease risk.

All possible with around 9 million secured funding and big investors.

Now looking to raise Series B round later this year.

In 60 seconds, can identify ones rate of ageing, BMI, among others

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Facial analysis product, Lapetus


Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist, Lapetus


Artificial Intelligence firm


Professor of Public Health at University of Illinois at Chicago.