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AI-crafted music playlists to be prescribed for mental health


Key points from article :

A start-up tech company is proving that the right playlist can have medical benefits.

MediMusic based in Hull to transform healthcare with its music technology.

Using artificial intelligence to craft playlists suited to an individual patient, it can reduce anxiety and pain.

Developed algorithms which generate a playlist of up to 400 tracks designed to have a measurable effect on a patient.

"...their heart rate, blood pressure will reduce, production of the stress hormone cortisol will reduce," - Gary Jones, Founder of MediMusic.

Its Digital Drip system uses machine learning to swap tracks if the listener does not respond as expected.

The NHS in Lancashire trialing the technology in hospitals with patients and healthcare workers.

Dementia patients saw reductions of up to 22% in their heart rate.

Could help the NHS cut medication bills in some areas by up to a quarter.

But healthcare providers will want to have much more data on the positive effects before investing in systems like this.

MediMusic takes music therapy treatments to the next level, with trials in hospitals underway

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East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust

Hospital trust in Lancashire, England.

Gary Jones

Co-founder and CEO at MediMusic


Start-up aiming to dispense music as medicine