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AI based sensor open new avenues in sleep and mental health


Key points from article :

Artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning is accelerating scientific research.

Scientists created a sensor that is capable of detecting real-time changes in the brain serotonin levels.

Neuroscience tool to enable research on how the neurotransmitter impacts sleep and mental health.

Research team applied AI machine learning to the task of predicting designs of such a serotonin sensor.

“Binding-pocket redesign strategy guided by machine learning...enabling optical detection of millisecond-scale serotonin transients,” - Researchers.

“iSeroSnFR can be used to detect serotonin release in freely behaving mice."

Developed a robust assay of serotonin transporter function and modulation by drugs.

Accelerate novel drug discovery and treatments to help improve the human condition in the future.

Research by University of California Davis School of Medicine, Howard Hughes Medical Institute published in Cell Press.

Monitor real-time changes in serotonin levels & helps in developing new treatments

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