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Age-related diseases: Common genetic associations and therapeutic implications


Key points from article :

Genetic ties seen between age-related diseases (ARDs) and candidate drugs for upstream intervention.

Using UK Biobank, team identified age-of-onset profiles for 116 diseases.

25 diseases appear much more frequently after age 40; 11 were cardiovascular.

51 diseases begin to rise at the age of 20, but at a slower rate; 17 were musculoskeletal.

This illustrates overall susceptibility to diseases rising with age.

30 diseases are distributed mostly equally across various age cohorts; all with immune component.

10 diseases mostly affect children; largest group being infectious diseases.

~94,000 polymorphic sites showed associations with at least one disease.

80 diseases had at least one significant association with a polymorphic site.

Identified 14 existing drugs that target common genetic causes of multiple ARDs.

Evidence found for 2 evolutionary theories of ageing: mutation accumulation and antagonistic pleiotropy.

Researchers from European Bioinformatics Institute and UCL, published in medRxiv.

With genomic database and statistical tools, more interventions can be discovered

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