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A Sardinian village, Perdasdefogu celebrates and honours its centenarians

Local centenarians share the secret to longevity: good food, active lifestyle, and sociality


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Perdasdefogu is currently home to eight centenarians (4 men and 4 women) in a population of 1,740.

Ten more citizens could turn 100 within the next couple of years.

Across Italy, the number of centenarians is rising fast: 2009, 11,000 persons; 2019, 14,456 persons; January 1, 2021, 17,935 persons.

Sardinia is one of five regions in the world that have high centenarians (33.6 for every 100,000 inhabitants).

“There is fresh air and good food, but I believe one of the reasons for their longevity is their approach to stress,” - Luisa Salaris, a demographics professor.

There is plenty of meat in local diet, but the trick is to “eat little, but genuine food”.

A centenarian said that his family were always physically active, especially worked in agriculture.

Another centenarian said, it is the simple activities - reading, walking, playing cards.

Books are believed to have played a part in longevity.

“Sociality is so important - if you have good contacts, you remember, talk, and evaluate … you live well.”

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Luisa Salaris

Associate professor in the Department of Political and Social Sciences at University of Cagliari

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