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A natural compound reverses skin wrinkles and hair loss in mice


Key points from article :

Yuva Biosciences aims to harness mitochondrial science to address skin aging and age-related hair loss.

A natural topical treatment to promote hair growth and reduce skin wrinkles.

Mice induced with mitochondrial dysfunction were more likely to develop cancer.

“Within four weeks or six weeks, these mice developed skin wrinkles, and lost hair," - Keshav Singh, CSO at Yuva Biosciences.

"A direct link between mitochondrial dysfunction and hair loss and skin aging," - Singh.

“We’re actually starting human trials in the next few weeks,” - Greg Schmergel, Chairman at Yuva Biosciences.

"Tracking the effect on skin wrinkles, and hair growth, both qualitatively and quantitatively," - Schmergel.

Results are expected before the end of the year, with commercialization of the product to follow.

“We originally targeted a million dollars for the seed round, and it’s now at $1.75 million,” - Schmergel.

Can ultimately help people with multi-system disorders.

Targets mitochondrial dysfunction - cosmeceuticals on its way to reverse ageing signs in humans

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Company Representative

Co-founder & CEO at Nantero and Chairman of Yuva Biosciences


Harbert Endowed Chair and Professor of Genetics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham


Anti-aging startup company based in US