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A mushroom compound that could prevent telomere shortening


Key points from article :

Antioxidant ergothioneine may preserve the length of telomeres.

Median telomere length was longer in human dermal fibroblasts over 8 weeks in presence of ergothionine.

Significant reduction in % of shorter telomeres was also observed.

Concentrations of ergothioneine used are within physiological ranges only.

Ergothioneine is a sulphur containing amino acid with antioxidant action obtained from mushroom.

Telomeres are particularly sensitive and susceptible to oxidative environment.

Telomere length may even be a marker of ageing.

"Our data supports a potential role for ergothioneine in oxidative stress-related conditions and healthy ageing" - researchers.

Research by Life Length published in Journal of Dietary Supplements.

Antioxidant ergothioneine alleviates harmful effects of oxidative stress on telomere length

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