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A man-made molecule that helps repair and regenerate muscle tissue


Key points from article :

Muscle progenitor cells can help restore the debilitating muscle loss that happens with age.

Sarcopenia can impair mobility and quality of life - Wanling Xuan, stem cell biologist.

Givinostat to coax the induced pluripotent stem cells, to become progenitor cells.

These cells make actual muscle cells as well as the extracellular vesicles like microRNAs - aid muscle repair and regeneration.

In animal model, strategies increase muscle stem cells and decrease destructive inflammation.

Givinostat is in the final phase of clinical trials for muscular dystrophy.

"Regenerative properties of muscle progenitor cells can be credited to the vesicles," - Xuan.

" extracellular vesicles already is being explored for stroke recovery and bone repair," - Mark Hamrick, coinvestigator.

"Resistance training improves stem cell proliferation and muscle regeneration - increases the size of fast-twitch muscle fibers," - Hamrick.

Research by Medical College at Georgia at Augusta University.

Givinostat induces stem cells to produce muscle making cells - promising therapy for age-related muscle loss

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Augusta University

Public Research University and medical center in Georgia

Mark Hamrick

Senior Associate Dean for Research at Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University

Wanling Xuan

Assistant Research Scientist at Augusta University