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A blood test that can detect 50 types of cancer


Key points from article :

A blood test that detects 50 types of cancer at an early stage will be trialled.

If successful, the NHS hopes to expand it to 1M people by 2024.

This test will detect molecular changes in blood caused by cancer in people with no symptoms.

140,000 participants aged 50-79 to take the tests for the next 3 years.

Another 25,000 people with possible cancer symptoms to be offered testing after referral to hospital.

Aim is to increase cancers diagnosed at stage 1 or 2.

"This blood test could be a game-changer in cancer care, helping thousands more people to get successful treatment" - Sir Simon Stevens, NHS.

While some welcomed, others cautioned the test was still untried and untested.

NHS to offer this test to 165,000 people next year for detecting cancers early

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